I think we have all heard the phrase “when everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.” But when it comes down to it, clients, coaches, and other leaders struggle to identify the right things for their teams to focus on. I have found that many leaders lack a system or framework to assist with prioritization. Instead, they rely on intuition and experience. While it is irresponsible to entirely ignore lessons from the past, there are proven methods that the best leaders use to compile relevant data and effectively prioritize. This essay highlights some of these strategies. The 90% Rule The 90% Rule has beenRead More →

This article analyzes one of the most important components to building unity and accountability in teams– group hardship.   I have refined my understanding of this principle over my years as a college football player, and have noticed it as a common theme among the most successful organizations in my years analyzing businesses as a management consultant. Anybody who has been a college athlete knows it is a grind. Classes, practices, weightlifting sessions, film, study hall, and games fill up a calendar quickly. There are times when so many things are going on, it is hard to stay motivated. In my experience the most successfulRead More →

In the first part of this series, I explored Jeff Bezos’s approach to strategy. This article builds on his strategic framework and dives deeper into how Bezos has evolved and succeeded as a manager. There are many stories from across the internet that portray Jeff Bezos as ruthless in accomplishing his vision. Much of what Brad Stone acerbically writes in his book about the rise of Amazon would leave one to wonder, who would want to work for Bezos? Bezos has high expectations and is not shy to provide negative feedback if his expectations are not met.  He holds himself to the same high standardsRead More →

Jeff Bezos Speaking at Amazon, Source: Quartz 2014

“Jeff Bezos is a different species” – Charlie Munger When legendary investor and thinker Charlie Munger speaks, we should listen. There is much to be learned from Amazon CEO and serial entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos. When he founded Amazon, it was solely to sell books. Though he was an avid reader, selling books was never the ultimate mission for Amazon. Bezos left a high paying investment banking job in New York City with one main aim, to get involved with the Internet. At the time this was a risky bet. Over the years Amazon has become one of the world’s most influential companies. The strategic framework thatRead More →