Peter Drucker might be the most influential business management thinker of modern times. Over the years, countless business leaders across different industries highlighted his work as a core component of their management and strategy approach. This article is the first in a multi part series that will dive into key lessons from one of Drucker’s most famous books, The Effective Executive, it focuses on how to optimize one’s time. Even though Drucker’s voice is specifically focused on business management, I think you will find these insights to also be applicable in everyday life. Time Management My college football coach, Bob Ford, had a saying, itRead More →

Understanding the difference between “urgent” and “important” is the difference between success and failure. This idea was popularized by Dwight Eisenhower during his time as a General and as President of the United States. Eisenhower developed a 2×2 matrix to model the concept: As you can see, the matrix organizes tasks into the two categories based on urgency and importance. Most people understand the need to prioritize tasks that are both urgent and important and de-prioritize those that are the latter, but the grey area, or combination of the two seem to be what derails folks from making progress towards their goals. In other words,Read More →